Steampunk Spider

A Steam Manufactured Spider


This is the amazing spider of the century, or Carrak as called in Zephron. This small construct has plenty of experience dealing with getting through small places to retrieve things. This is the new toy on the streets, just give it a command and demand it to do something. It won’t care as long as you are it’s master. Unless of course it is taken over by an Artificer. The things costs a total of 30gp. And it deals a total of 1d2 damage when attacking an opponent.


This little guy was created by Archmage Darren, a very successful person that is a now, retired old man that is running the Magus Guild in Hojem. He handles the rogue sorcerers and wizards (Necromancers, Flesh Grafters, ect….) and brings them in to be “Cleansed” of their illness which they have foolishly fallen into. Now, in his old years, he couldn’t get to the places that he could’ve. So, he made the Steampunk Butterfly and Steampunk Spider to retrieve these two things.

Steampunk Spider

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