Digger Gun

A weapon that digs through the ground.

weapon (ranged)

This weapon digs through dirt and rock and detonates until it feels something above. So, it is a digging landmine. The mines are about 15gp each and the gun is about 60gp. And it deals: 2d8+Pressure Gauge+Feats.


It was created by Darik Von Brackik. He was a past adventurer that had trouble with shooting people “THROUGH” cover so, he created a gun that can dig through the dirt and rock. However, it can only penetrate certain things. One being the elements 1-54, however, stuff like gold and uranium. It won’t fly. Now, how does the weapon know when to shoot up from the ground, well, the bullet goes very, very, very slow (2.5ft/round) in order to dig through the ground and well, there are heartbeats, magic impulses, and psionic auras, these are what indicate that there is something there. So, when they come across something like this, it immediately pops out of the ground like a bullet. If there is a like a Divine Mind with an Aura of 30ft, it won’t be able to hit it, unless the character gets specialized ammo that can track the aura to the source. These cost about 100gp per round.

Digger Gun

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