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This is the world of corruption, destruction, and fear. This world is created by those people who think that “Yea, I am rich, I can buy my way out of anything!” This is where plenty of people try to rise up, but, with enough money to a certain person, the leader can be executed for the acts he has committed against the companies of Zephron.

Now, there are six top organizations in the world, the sixth is the Damafa’ the Damafa’ is really, the local underground in a handful! So, when there are people that are causing problems, they have thugs that can bring a message across to the certain people that are causing the problems. There are then the diplomatic brain heads, the people that sent out a person that gives money to a person to where it connects to like fifty different banks, but, then is collected by a certain person and left at that.

Number fifth is the rookies, the people that really, really, really enjoy blowing a hole in people’s wallet. They are in one way or another connected to the Damafa’ they either blow a hole in the already fractured government, then thy can blow a hole in people that are actually participating in the overall economy of the world. This makes lots of things expensive.

Number fourth, the Necromancers, the people that just love the skeletons. Now, not all Necromancers are alike, there are those that like the dead and love grave robbing. Then, there are the flesh grafters, these twisted folk are people that are considered illegal citizen, but in the world of Zephron they call them Changree. Making people who want a new arm go to the right people. Then when they die, whether the Flesh Grafter is honorable or not. The other necromancers that love the dead, make a good profit off of taking people’s bodies with these new “Attachments” inlaid into their bone.

Number third, the government,these are the “Not too smart” folk, the people that enjoy taking credit and getting a lot of money off of other people’s hard work. Now, why would a government do such a thing to their people? Well, the fact is that they don’t care about their people, they just like seeing the gold and platinum that is coming their way. This is why the Damafa’ can get away with so many things, however, when the governments money is tampered with, they start calling out people publicly that is why the Damafa’ is named “Underground”.

Number second, the Mad Men of Science, these people are the "Better’ people of all the world. They use the world’s resources and manipulate it to their advantage. Since there are no computers in Zephron, this makes Technologists as a matter of fact, BETTER! You ask, “Why, why Travis? Why are Technologists very useful in a place with no computers?” Well, guess what? You are not limited to the technology that you create, if you want to try to use electricity since that is what Mad Scientists are all about, it makes ‘The Switch’ the most powerful thing in the game.

Number one, the most profitable business in Zephron. The guns. The guns are the most profitable business since everybody needs protection. Now, the artifcers the aviators and the pistoleers, all take part of this. The Artificers create the weapon. The aviators fly or drive the weapon. And the Pistoleers use the weapons with precision.

Inspiration and Gadgets of Zephron

Now, what Steampunk campaign with a lot of Mad Scientists don’t have neat gizmo and gadgets? NONE! Now, you can find tons of stuff on the internet for Steampunk stuff. The stuff that inspired me, and are going to be purchasable to the PCs are the Steampunk Spider and butterfly.
The Abraham Lincoln Steampunk photo. Cyborgs with gears (on my own), The giant glasses. The Steam Engine. Hellboy. The Day After Tomorrow. Mechanical Valkyrie. And 1910-1925 fashion. There is much, much more but, that is pretty much the extent of it.

Corruption of Zephron

Alright, how do we handle the corruption that plagues that planet completely? Well, the main problem is the government, the won’t do really anything except kill people in the Damafa’ making the Government and the Damafa’ both Rivals. So, basically a political war in a way. But, there is physical properties to these two corrupt organizations. When funding a war, it costs money, and well, both are really stingy with their money. So, do you want to know what happens? NOTHING! If the person isn’t getting paid and/or is giving a donation, what will most likely end up happening is that both sides will be in a stalemate till’ one finds a way to block the leader and take some money. And, with the way this just happens to go. They are always protected and very easily exposed by those who are working for either side.

Cities of Zephron

Well, there are two really big cities around the world. The first largest city is Hojem, the city is basically a mix between modern day New York and Western Time Dodge. Mostly because we call it, Tax City or Dead Central. Now Hojem is named these two is because, well, Jack can kill a guy that is causing problems, take it to court and get fined no matter what. And the reason why it is called Dead Central is because of vice versa of the scenario I explained before.

The second biggest city is named Acromanon, this is like what it would be like if humanity made a modern day castle/pyramid. There is a giant city in the middle that is shaped like a pyramid (equivalent to Giza) and around it are what seems to be roads the bridge off from the castle walls. Now, the pyramid is nowhere to be found, but, it is there. It is just there there is layer upon layer upon layer of streets and roads. All of which lead to a more royal place. All of the peasants live at the bottom in darkness while the most royal are above with a view of the sea. Now, they all lead up to a pyramid. Now, each flat side of the three edges are three different stands. The Lower Left side is all made of homes and inns that keep the adventurers all nice and happy. The Lower Right side is all of the Marketplace where people can purchase foods and drinks where in the middle of these areas (all layers) there is a plaza for people to hang out with. And the Upper Middle area is the place that keeps the city running, it is the jobs, the guilds, the imports and exports and all of the like.

Ways of the Character

Any personality is totally cool in this world. You can have a little squeamish guy that is a Pistoleer to a Buff guy interested in science. Anything will work with this world. The only thing that is not allowed are monster races, those are considered MONS-TERS meaning that they need to die by means of the corrupted world. However, the little boom towns they may be treated as slaves and servants for their masters bidding.


Tune in Later for History!

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